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Welcome to Fuck Yes, Always! A blog dedicated to the amazing couple that is Rick Castle and Kate Beckett. For 5 years they have been remarkable, maddening, challenging and frustrating and have ruined the lives of others.
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It’s time for another fantastic new episode of Castle, “Dreamworld”!
For those not in the US, there are few livestreams available to watch Castle on both Sunday night and Monday night.

  • Sundays at CTV 9PM ET
    Livestream 1
    Livestream 2
  • Mondays at ABC 10PM EST | 9PM CST
    Livestream 1
    Livestream 2
  • If you do not know what time it will be in your own time zone when these episodes air, make sure to find out. You can do this by using XKit’s XWidgets (World Clock) or a converting site like this one.
  • We will not be posting any download links to episodes due to copyright infringement. But Google is a very good friend sometimes.
  • For those wanting to stay unspoiled, please make sure to blacklist (by either Tumblr Savior or XKit’s blacklist) “spoilers”, “castle spoilers”, “6x02”, “602”, “dreamworld" to avoid seeing posts about this new episode until you’ve seen it yourself.
  • We will be tagging spoiler posts until Thursday.
  • If you know of any other livestreams that work for you, please let us know in our askbox and we’ll add the link to this collection. 

IMPORTANT EDIT! so it seems (thanks to awhmycaskett for commenting on this post) that the CTV links are the American ones, not the Canadian ones. So they will not work. Unfortunately, we do not know the right Canadian links of livestreams. So if anyone knows a livestream that works, please let us know!

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