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Castle x Beckett + an amazing season 6   "The 70s Show"

"Don’t even go there, cupcake.

make me choose: dannythedorkfish asked castle or beckett

walk walk fashion baby + castle in t-shirt
Castle Theme Party | Challenge #12

make me choose: tvfanatic asked fighting caskett or snuggling caskett


Fuck Yes, Always Hiatus challenge 7:

↳ Relationships - Gates & Everyone


And all the world will read you
And you will live forever
In eyes not yet created
On tongues that are not born

You won’t find him drinking at the table
Rolling dice or staying out ’til three
You won’t ever find him being unfaithful
You will find him, you’ll find him next to me

1-Month-Left Rewatch Day 3
Castle 6x03 Need-to-know

“Any woman that’s in any kind of success is so many different colors, so many different elements. And if you want to create a real woman that people really fall in love with, that your leading man really would want to be engaged with and is his muse, then let’s paint all of her, you know.” - Stana Katic